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We value credibility, honesty, creativity, teamwork, respect to team members and coworkers, customer satisfaction oriented behaviour, and general benefit to the world at large.

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Dima Dental aims to become a dental leader in Saudi Arabia by creating a unique image and establishing an outstanding relationship with its clients.

We are a group of specialized dentists in all aspects of dentistry, we provide :

  • Comprehensive specialized dental services under one roof.
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  • advanced dental and technical equipment.
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We offer a wide range of dental services, including preventive, cosmetic, restorative, and reconstructive dentistry. We aim to provide the best quality patient dental care in most efficient and effective manner that visits our office. To provide a comprehensive care in a comfortable and pleasant setting and to treat each other with dignity, respect, kindness and understanding. We continually strive to earn the loyalty of our patient because we do value you.

Mr. Othman Al Masaari

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Dental treatment intended to repair and restore the missing parts of the tooth as a result of caries or fracture. And restore the tooth usually with amalgam (amalgam) is an alloy consisting primarily of articles of silver, mercury, called the mistake to charge Platinum. And restore the back teeth with amalgam filling being better able to withstand the high pressure as a result of chewing food. Either the front teeth, restores the charge light with a color close to the color of age making it more aesthetic. And repaired teeth fillings almlghamet, directly if they are optical damage far from the core of the tooth if with damage to the pulp age it is the competence of another section and a section addressing the core of the age.

All-ceramic Onlay Dental for a molar tooth pulp age: If the damage to your teeth has been extended to age it is necessary to address the age process called root filling in this process, the doctor lifted the tissue of the tooth pulp special tools and after that fill out the empty tooth pulp material ktaberka Gutta Purcha or other materials as required by the root filling process, and then rebuilt with amalgam filling or tooth with filling. preferred some dentists dress up (Coronation) age Wizard charge root because it is easily broken More sound tooth pulp.



is one of the areas of dentistry concerned with the study and treatment of defects of dental specialties (malocclusions), which may be a result of tooth irregularity, disproportionate jaw relationships (between the upper and lower jaws), or both.
Orthodontic treatment can deal with lining up the teeth only, or it can be the control and modification of the growth of the face and jaws. In the latter case is best defined as “orthopaedic calendar.”(“dentofacial orthopedics”)

Orthodontic treatment can be for purely aesthetic reasons with respect to improving the general appearance of patients ‘ teeth. Can be rebuilt and changing the appearance of the face (orthodontics changed the lowers two-thirds). Can orthodontic treatment to restore oral functions such as planning and speech and chewing and speech.



Pediatric dentistry
in German Kinderzahnheilkunde English Pediatric Dentistry or special processors pedodontics dental diseases and oral and maxillofacial surgery in children from birth to adolescence. Pediatric Dentistry began as an independent branch of dentistry at the end of the eighteenth century children’s dentist is familiar with all areas of dentistry in general being a certain age category specialist.
Treatment areas include:

1. Preventive actions
• Maintain healthy teeth in the right places
• Awareness of the importance of proper nutrition
• Application of fluorescent compounds
• Filling the gullies and the drain and cracks the Sunni article gentlemen
2. Treatment of caries and periodontal diseases endodontic and dental
3. Orthodontic treatment early
4. Treatment of traumatic and broken teeth: is one of the most important challenges in dentistry in General and need to approach among the various dental
5. Treatment of children with disabilities
6. Treating children with special medical needs.



The preventive dental interventions early on teeth that would stop Sunni and periodontal diseases. Is brushing twice a day is one of the important foundations in the prevention of cavities. Other preventive use of glossaries include alfloraidwalmwad gentlemen for cracks for children are permanent protection from cavities.
The use of fluoride
Fluoride is used to protect teeth from cavities, where fluoride on replacing the hydroxyl (OH) crystals (alabitait) which make up the tooth. These crystals thus become more resistant to acids.
Ways to use fluoride
Add fluoride to drinking water
Fluoride is added to drinking water only from ppm (1 mg/litre) and this way contribute to the decay rate of a betkhvis 50%.
The use of fluorine pill
Fluorine tablets contain 25, 50100 mg of fluorine, given once daily according to the recommended doses (by age and by the amount of fluorine intake by the person.
The use of sodium fluoride NaF
Sodium fluoride is used topically to teeth through the brush. This process needs to repeat four times (once a week).



is the central part of the tooth that contains nerves, blood dental pulp Dental pulp vessels and lymphatics which represents the living part of the tooth. The tooth core to indirect pulp capping called -treatment includes a number of stages begins from the sothe full eradication of the tooth core. It means to preserve the tooth core which is the sole of the tooth, where the tooth with its core eradicated is a dead tooth.

Endodontic treatment: is the situation in which the nerve is pulled out automatically via tools and chemically via fluids (sodium hypochlorite) then the walls of the pulposus channel are cleaned. The final stage is done by filling these channels permanently to prevent leakage of bacteria into it and to prevent the remaining germs from growing (fully channel cleaning of germs is considered impossible). Once removed, the tooth pulp/core can be replaced by a special filling material. This kind of treatment saves many teeth that could have been uprooted. Endodontic treatment is considered one of the biggest challenges facing the patient, dentist, and requires a high precision, and thus there is now a universally orientation to preventive procedures that ensure that the tooth nerve is not a part of the treatment. Also, severe tooth decay and injuries may cause severe infections or inflammation and death to .root canal treatment heta method called d byremovebe can pulp his the tooth pulp.



dental implants (Dental implant) is currently the largest dental development as it dealt with loss of teeth without having to implicate any of the replaced tooth loss. Sunni llzeraat good success rate depends on the quality of bone during cooling and iqama and mastering an implant and dental interview tangled axis.
Professionals interested in transplantation of teeth and jaws and oral surgeon who fixed compensation and tissue around.

Immediate implants implants have been developed recently is applied without the need for a surgical procedure but still under study. The implant is divided generally into two parts. The process of developing age directly above that the planting and agriculture. And the process that delay where the implant to age between 3-6 months and named the late planting. Generally preferred the late planting on the implant immediately and provides positive results more



oral surgeon and maxillofacial specialist anatomical and surgical treatment of oral and maxillofacial region of the face and skull, as well as the associated infrastructure. Specialty oral and maxillofacial surgery is an internationally recognized specialty in surgery.
In the United Kingdom, Ireland and many other countries is the major oral and maxillofacial surgery is one of the disciplines of medicine and oral surgery specialty is one of the specialties of dentistry.
In the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand oral and maxillofacial surgery is one of the 9 specialties recognized by the American Dental Association, Royal College of dentists of Canada, and the Royal Australian College of dental surgeons, the Asian.


Inflammation of the gums (Gingivitis)
is a disease of gum disease where bacterial infections are biovilmat, known as plaques, on the surface of the teeth. The bacterial plaque (plaque) is the main cause of periodontal disease and for this reason must be removed continuously alklhaih accumulations, where they are considered suitable for the growth of bacteria and install.



Cosmetic dentistry is the dental work that improves the appearance of a person’s teeth, gums, bite and smile.

It includes: * Whitening.

* Tooth reshaping.

* Bonding.

* Dental bridges.

* Veneers and Lumineers

* Gum lift.



Prosthodontic means replacing missing teeth and tissues around the teeth and artificial materials. They are of two types:
Compensation: it is of two types: a moving Kit (partial denture) and animated full Kit (complete denture)
The compensation is made from chrome cobalt and set the teeth of acrylic (acrylic) material or ceramic, are removable from the mouth. The industry needs to clinical and laboratory steps need some time up to several weeks, so temporary compensation are made from acrylic material until the completion of the full compensation industry. Provisional compensation may use made of acrylic permanent as it maintains its properties as an effective tool in chewing food for many years. Significant improvements have been made to the article and created many types of acrylic it has made him more receptive by the patient.
Fixed: compensation and may be of two types: the Crown (crown) and the age for the one and only the second type is the bridge (bridge) and have several teeth.
Fixed compensation are made from ceramic material has replaced the old dental industry-materials such as gold, acrylic-ceramic material so that it is characterized by its hardness and its ability to keep its color as well as being the true color of the teeth. The industry needs to clinical and laboratory steps including preparation of the tooth where it needs fixed compensation to the enactment of supportive or more than offset the mobile does not need supportive age. and more expensive fixed compensation of mobile compensation but more aesthetic and more receptive by the patient.
Added alternatives for modern dental ceramics, give more aesthetic and applicability better with age (cubic zirconia-ansiram).